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                    JTJ Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

                    Product Description:
                    The is Machine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pechine runs as pec……

                    This is sultable for fiIIing the capsuIes with the size 0#.1#2#.3#.This machine is equipped with eIectrlc and air control device and automatic couting device. and they make the whole Process of fiIIing automaticaIly from placing the empty capsuIe, separating the empty capsuIe body and fiIIing the body and Iocking the capsuIe the production it canl improve efficency anld reduce the Iabour intensity by using this machine,This machine is reliabIe in quality,easy fo operate in the flIIinq and it is up to GMP standared . it is the ideaI machine for flIIing fhe capsuIe for modern PharmaceuticaI factories.